Enter Zitoman! Giants’ Barry Zito jams with Metallica

Mike Oz

The San Francisco Giants have a Metallica-themed night Friday, and to grease the wheels for that, they sent their most musically-inclined player over to Metallica Headquarters. Yes, there's a Metallica Headquarters. No, it's not the former Napster building.

Anyhow, Zito brought his guitar and played a bit with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and the crew. Afterward, they joked that they might keep Zito. But could they pay his salary? Hmm.

Zito's trip to jam with Metallica is documented in the eight-minute video below, along with some interviews about Zito's re-invention and Metallica's music being used at baseball games. No word whether Zito gave the Metallica gents a pitching lesson so they don't look like a bunch of goofs when they throw out first pitches at the Giants game on Friday.

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