Who else can relate to Adrian Gonzalez's anonymity?

As usual, The Onion Sports Network brought the guffaws over the weekend, unleashing an article entitled 'Adrian Gonzalez(notes) Asks If You Happen To Know Who The Current Home Run Leader Is.'

It was absolutely an on-point take for the Padre who has 22 home runs (three more than Raul Ibanez(notes)) and The Onion took the joke even further — perhaps intentionally — by including a photo of Edgar Gonzalez with the blurb instead.

By now, I assume that most hardcore baseball fans know about Gonzalez's talent and reputation — especially after a stellar Answer Man session with his brohan — but the No. 1 pick in the 2000 draft still has a few galaxies to cross before even thinking about entering the same name recognition for first baseman as Albert Pujols(notes) or Ryan Howard(notes).

(In the latest All-Star voting totals released today, Pujols had almost twice as many votes as A-Gone while Howard had almost twice his amount.)

Gonzalez's hurdles are obvious — playing in San Diego for a non-contender, being a relatively late bloomer, not being the type of guy who'd draw headlines with self-generated controversy — and they're probably going to remain big obstacles, considering San Diego probably won't trade him to a contender this season.

Still, it got me to thinking: Is there anyone else in Major League Baseball that can lay claim to being relatively unknown despite big talent? When you consider his huge numbers (a 1.048 OPS!) and almost non-existent Q rating, I'd have to say that no one even comes close.

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