Here’s Elliot Johnson’s face the day after his ill-fated slide

In case you missed it, Tampa Bay Rays infielder Elliot Johnson had quite a painful experience in their 2-1 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday night.

It all happened on the final play of the game, and it happened very quickly. Johnson was running at second base representing the tying run when Carlos Pena ripped a single to right field. Jays outfielder Moises Sierra nearly misplayed it into extra bases as the ball took a high bounce off the Rogers Centre turf, but managed to collect it and still came up firing a strike to the plate to gun Johnson down for the final out.

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That sounds painful enough for a baseball player, but that was just half of Johnson's experience. While attempting to find an opening in which he could get past catcher Jeff Mathis, who had the plate blocked expertly, Johnson went into an awkward head-first slide, or perhaps nosedive would be a more apt description, and as you can see in the photos above and the video after the jump, the results were not pretty:

That will definitely leave a mark... or four, as the Saturday morning photo from Roger Mooney confirms.

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Also, it begs a two-part question: Does Elliot Johnson remember what happened? And if so, what the heck was that?

"I wish I could have gotten a little better shot on him, but it's his job just to get in there and get off there as best he can, so he did a good job there," Johnson said. "I just barely got any of him. He was really, really low. I usually get low, too, but I didn't connect with him."

Well, he clearly remembers what happened, which is good, He also passed all concussion tests after the game and reported only minor hip pain as a result of hard fall, which is even better. So I guess the only thing he has to deal with now is the soreness that goes along with his scratches and burns. Well, that, and also looking in the mirror.

"It's pretty gross," Johnson added.

You won't get any argument from me.

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