Elbow pain: Zack Greinke sent to Los Angeles for exam with team doctor

David Brown
Big League Stew

Citing an "abundance of caution," the Los Angeles Dodgers are sending right-hander Zack Greinke back to Los Angeles to have his tender right elbow undergo a "precautionary exam" by team physician Dr. Neal El Attrache.

Is that enough caution for you? Still worried, Dodgers fans?

No matter what happens, Greinke at least can say the guy with the coolest doctor name in Major League Baseball has checked him out. All joking aside, this is going to make Dodgers fans uneasy until Greinke is completely cleared with a clean bill of health.

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times noted that Greinke complained of irritation in his elbow Sunday. Greinke's never had elbow problems in his career before. Shaikin also points out that the Dodgers have tons of starting pitching depth, but that was supposed to be used for trading, not covering for Greinke while he is injured.

Greinke in the offseason signed a free-agent contract for what could be as much as $159 million. That also buys a lot of caution. Greinke is the centerpiece in the attempt of new team ownership, including Magic Johnson, to restore the Dodgers to past glory. Don't be a Norm Nixon, Zack, with this injury stuff.

Hopefully there's nothing lasting about his elbow irritation. Dr. Neal El Attrache will get to the bottom of things. He better, with all of those names.

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