Early contender for 2014 bobblehead of the year — Hunter Pence riding his scooter

While we still have a few months to figure out which MLB team will win the offseason, we already know which 2014 giveaway is the leader in the clubhouse.

The San Francisco Giants' Hunter Pence bobblehead is the coolest we've seen since the Oakland Athletics released the Coco Lean Bobblehead. The Giants' bobble features their unusual outfielder (we mean that in the nicest way possible) riding a scooter. Why? Because he does, in fact, ride a scooter to home games.

Pence shared the bobblehead via Instagram:

It will be given away on April 9, the first bobblehead of the year the Giants will dispense. Here's Pence scootin' along in SF, if you don't believe us:

BLS H/N: For The Win

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