Dustin Pedroia asks fans to nickname Mike Napoli — and strikes gold with ’80s pro wrestler

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

After Mike Napoli's baseball-crushing Wednesday for the Boston Red Sox, teammate Dustin Pedroia thought it was time for Napoli to get a nickname. Napoli hit two loooooong home runs — measured at 467 feet and 472, both top five this season, according to ESPN Home Run Tracker.

Pedroia got a number of nickname suggestions: Nap Daddy, The Repo Man, The Big Meatball. But the one that Pedroia — and later Napoli — liked? Hacksaw Mike Napoli, as suggested by William St. Jean on Twitter.

That's a nod to Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the two-by-four carrying pro-wrestling fan favorite from the 1980s and 1990s. Napoli responded with Duggan's signature "Hooooooooo!" So Hacksaw Mike Napoli is happening, folks. We figured we'd do the honors and mash-up the photos:

And the flipside? Napoli batting with a two-by-four? Liked that idea too.

Now it's up to Red Sox fans to yell this whenever Napoli hits a home run:

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