'Duk's Dozen: Dear Brandy Halladay, don't you cry tonight

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1. Oh Brandy, you're a fine girl, but do you really have to go around Toronto and tip your hubby's hand like that? As noted in this morning's Juice, Brandy Halladay appeared on the Jays' flagship station on Saturday and broke into tears not once, but twice, over the prospect of being sent away from Toronto to a place where a World Series title for her ace other half might actually be possible.

One day later, Roy pitched his usual gem of a game against the Red Sox, but the problem with Brandy crying is that it made Blue Jays fans cry and then I cried and then Cito Gaston laughed (he's such a little trooper). [Tao of Stieb] [National Post]

* * *

2. Our pals over at MLB Trade Rumors are giving thanks to the Internet traffic gods as Roy Halladay(notes) figures to be the biggest clicker this trading deadline season. The site is an excellent source for a compilation of Halladay trade rumors and its current crop includes a look at Doc possibilities for the Phillies, Brewers, Giants, Angels and more. (No truth to the idea they'll temporarily change their name to 'MLB Trade Rumours' as a concession to all the Canadian visitors they'll be getting the next 11 days.) [MLB Trade Rumors]

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3. Meanwhile, Chicago's baseball press corps seems dedicated to the idea of the White Sox trading for Doc, even if it includes giving up a package built around John Danks(notes) and Alexei Ramirez(notes) and even though the fans don't particularly seem to be as equally hellbent and even though Halladay pulling a Jake Peavy(notes) on the Pale Hose and exercising his no-trade clause would remain a possibility. [Tremendous Upside Potential]

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4. Given that MySpace has turned into last refuge of America's crappy indie bands, goth/emo population and the barely literate, it's not surprising that Billy Ligue of attacking Tom Gamboa on Chicago's South Side "fame" has a profile on the site. Also sadly not surprising: Ligue proudly posting pictures of the 2002 attack, writing in the style of a common street pimp, deciding to help repopulate the Earth. Sigh. [Deadspin]

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5. Depressed enough yet? Let's get back to baseball news. While the final days leading up to the trading deadline always focus on the stars and prospects with the biggest names, I'm often just as fascinated with the smaller moves that can bolster a bullpen or bench while better positioning a team for a playoff run.

Along those lines, my compadre Andy Behrens takes a look at the situation of Baltimore closer George Sherrill(notes), who's being coveted by contenders as an eighth-inning setup guy, as well as the team's DFBG (designated flat bill guy). [Roto Arcade]

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6. Speaking of setup guys, Tampa Bay's Dan Wheeler(notes) was compared to a fetus by Royals announcer (and noted Milton Bradley(notes) fan) Ryan Lefebvre over the weekend. Our man Chalk has side-by-side pictures and, really, it's rather remarkable. [Bugs & Cranks]

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7. Continuing their run of great bobblehead giveaways, the Indians handed these Surfing Grady Sizemore(notes) bobbleheads to their fans on Saturday. Yes, Sizemore is from Seattle and probably knows no more about hanging ten than Canadian-American Jason Bay(notes), but that's beside the point. Just grab your bobble and move along. [The Slanch Report]

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7. So how's Jim Riggleman doing four days into his tenure as the Nationals' interim manager? Let's check in with Chris Needham's captioning ablities to find out.

"Somehow, Jim Riggleman has taken a bag full of horsecrap and molded it into something even less appealing."

Sounds like it's going swimmingly, no? [NBC Washington]

* * *

8. I can't tell you how the three other Torre-era titles ended for the Yankees, but the image of Charlie Hayes catching that foul ball in 1996 has never, for whatever reason, left my mind. On Sunday, Hayes made it back to the Bronx for his first Old-Timers' Day. [NYDN]

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9. One Bostonian is taking the opportunity afforded by Jim Rice's impending Hall of Fame induction to argue that Dwight Evans should really be the Red Sock receiving such honors this weekend. [WEEI via BBTF]

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10. So what do you do after inviting the guy who turns a baseball bat into a wine decanter over for dinner? You also invite the guy who turns a bat into a violin, of course.

(As for what you'd actually talk about with these folks, well, you're on your own.) [YT]

* * *

11. Yeah, today's the 40th anniversary of man landing on the moon. In that spirit, here's a commemorative date on the totally opposite end of the spectrum — the fourth anniversary of Tommy Lasorda publicly announcing his hate for the Phillie Phanatic. [The 700 Level]

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12. Finally, here's a look into today's Big League Stew email inbox ...


"I recently came across an old article on www.theonion.com, and it had an interesting notation at the end. I was wondering if there was any validity to this notation, or if it's completely made up.

"The article

"'Baseball commissioner Bud Selig, responding to overwhelming demand, has confirmed that an asterisk will be placed next to Griffey's name in the record books in order to indicate that, in a perfect world where dignity is always rewarded, cheaters never triumph, and people always get what they really deserve, Griffey would have hit one more home run than Barry Bonds'(notes) career total.'


"[Name redacted]"

The Onion: Fooling grandmothers (this story about talking raccoons bamboozled my nana) and Stewies everywhere since 1988.

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