Down on the farm: Rangers and Royals battle in egg toss and cow milking contest

What happens when a Major League Baseball team hosts Farm and Ranch Day at their home ballpark?

Naturally, you take a hand full of players from the respective teams playing that day. Then you line up a pair of farm related pregame contests. And then you sit back watch the entertainment unfold.

At least that's how the Texas Rangers set things up prior to their game against the Kansas City Royals on Saturday afternoon, and to the Royals credit they were more than willing to join in on the fun.

In the opening contest, the team of Rangers pitchers Derek Holland and Justin Grimm went to battle with sure-handed Royals infielders Chris Getz and Elliott Johnson in the always dramatic egg toss.

Not surprisingly, it was the Royals who had their hands raised after Holland mishandled a toss after both teams had nearly reached the end of their tarps. Impressive showing, but middle infielders undoubtedly rule the egg toss.

That then brought us to the cow milking contest, because what Farm and Ranch Day would be complete without it?

Here we had Royals catcher George Kottaras going against Rangers reliever Robbie Ross, and once again it was the Royals coming out ahead as ruled by impartial judge (and Rangers closer) Joe Nathan. Kottaras even got a nice trophy for his efforts.

So as we've determined here, the Royals are clearly the superior farm team.

Wait, I think that came out wrong. The Royals are clearly the team you'd prefer to have working on your farm, but they're not the team you'll want to invite to your company picnic. I think that sounds better.

As for the Rangers. Well, this just wasn't their day. Not only did they get waxed on their home field during their own promotion, they also lost the ballgame to Kansas City 4-1 in extra innings.

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