Doug Glanville compares the New York Yankees to ‘Brokeback Mountain’ — huh!?

Mike Oz
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There are many things you can say about the 2013 New York Yankees. They're injured, beat-up, aging, not the favorites in the AL East anymore, etc. But here's one thing that nobody said about them until now: They're like "Brokeback Mountain."

That's the expert analysis of ESPN's Doug Glanville, who was calling the Yankees/Cardinals game on Monday. His full quote: "They have basically Brokeback Mountain going over here. I mean everybody's on the disabled list or hurt in some form or fashion."

Watch the video, maybe it'll help.

Brokeback Mountain, of course, is the 2005 Oscar-nominated film starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal that, for better or worse, became known as "the gay cowboy movie."

So, the Yankees are gay cowboys? Do they look at each other and say, "I can't quit you?"

Probably not what Glanville — who played nine years in the major leagues — meant. He likely was trying to get punny, took a wrong turn down Analogy Lane and showed the world he's more familiar with the title of the film than its plot.

While the A-Rod haters amongst us will have a field day joking about this, it's just an innocent goof by a ballplayer-turned-announcer who's still relatively new to the broadcast booth.

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