DoubleHeader: When ballplayers look a lot like somebody else

They say everyone has a double. Sometimes, you look at a ballplayer's face and go, "I know I've seen that guy somewhere before." Such is the essence of DoubleHeader, which we plan to make a regular feature here at the Stew. Enjoy:

With the baseball world on A-Rod overload right now, perhaps we can take a break from that scandal and attend to other matters. After all, no matter what kind of serious trouble Rodriguez might be in, at least nobody died.

They're not so fortunate halfway 'round the world.

Three suspects were arrested in Austria on Sunday in the stabbing death of Marian Cozma, a Romanian handball star, who was killed earlier in the day at a Hungarian night club. Teammates Zarko Sesum and Ivan Pesic also were stabbed and sustained serious injuries.

Romania as a nation is mourning Cozma, who at 26 years old was called a "giant" of the sport on the European Handball Federation's Web site.

Cozma, coincidentally, also looked a lot like in-limbo Brewers right-hander Ben Sheets (left). Not just the face and the delivery, but also note the untucked jersey. Sheets, it is believed, does not have similar tattoos on his throwing arm.

Sheets, who otherwise is doing OK, recently disclosed plans to have surgery on his right elbow, which has ruffled his free-agency plans. Like with A-Rod, his problems are tiny compared with what's happening in the handball world.

But boy, Sheets looks a lot like Marian Cozma.

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