Don't worry Cubs fans — This series is coming back to Chicago

It ain't over.

They're not out of it.

There is hope, brother and sister, there is hope.

The Cubs will come back to Wrigley Field and play ball again. This season.

They have to. They must. They will.

You'll all see.

Thanks to a 10-3 victory last night, the Los Angeles Dodgers took a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five NLDS and I'm just hoping all of the Cubs fans attending the ballgame at Wrigley or via drinking establishment made it home without touching the third rail accidentally on purpose.

The Cubs not only lost, it wasn't even close. They played embarrassingly bad baseball, if it was baseball they were playing. Each infielder made an error last night, not counting the pitcher and catcher. All that was missing was a big lead, Mark Prior on the mound and a poor fan in the stands getting mixed up in some kind of controversial non-out interference.

The cause, for the 100th year in a row, appears hopeless.

I know. You're down. You're hurting. You want to die. You want to kill.

But it is not over. (Was it over when the Red Army stormed the Bastille?) There are still three games to go in this series.

Or, as the modern manager would tell you to look at it, three one-game series.

The numbers tell you it don't look good. By most viewpoints that's right. It sure don't.

But BleedCubbieBlue says that seven teams have rebounded from an 0-2 hole to win a five-game MLB postseasn series. Cubs fans old enough should be quite familiar with one — the '84 Padres.

So there is a chance. By the Blood of Bevacqua, there is a chance.

For the Cubs to do this, they will go to Chavez Ravine with blank minds. They will go to Dodger Stadium and will act as though the first two games of the series never happened.

That's because, they didn't.

James Loney grand slam? What's a "grand slam"?

Seven walks from Ryan Dempster? Sorry, senator. We're not here to talk about the past.

Double-play ball booted by Mark DeRosa? You must mean some other Mark.

Manny homers? How many you talkin'?

An error by every infielder? Not our guys.

Fukudome? Never heard of it. Is that where the Yomiuri Giants play?

See how easy it is to forget the past?

During Saturday night's Game 3, when Rich Harden whistles his fastball past Ramirez, and dips his changeup out of the reach of Ethier, whatever happened the past two nights at Clark and Addison will be rendered inert.

The next night, when Ted Lilly redeems himself for whatever that was in the 2007 playoffs against Arizona and helps get the Cubs even, this 0-2 deficit will seem like a bad dream, or an undigested bit of beef or blot of mustard.

Don't look behind you. It's ugly back there. Look forward, to the weekend, when the Cubs will even this up.

No, the Cubs aren't done yet — and this is why.

That last Game 5 is at home, next Tuesday. That's when they'll break your heart again. In Game 5. This is how it works. They haven't toyed with you people nearly enough yet. A couple of embarrassing losses? Where's the panache? The Cubs are going to come all the way back, tie this series, revive your hopes and then wretch all over them. It's the Cubbie Way.

You think you've felt heartbreak? Maybe, but have you smelled it? Have you tasted it?

You will come Tuesday, when the Mother of all Cubs Defeats reaches the beachhead at Lake Michigan and advances a few blocks west. It's going to hurt. It's gonna happen.