Dodgers Twitter account unintentionally angers hockey fans

While legendary broadcaster Vin Scully was doing an excellent job getting fans fired up for the Dodger Stadium clash between the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings, the Dodgers official twitter page actually threw a little water on the fire. Or perhaps took a blowtorch to the ice would be a more apt description in this case.

Either way, the tweet obviously didn't come across as was originally intended, but that didn't stop hockey fans from lashing out in anger.

Here's the offending tweet in screen grab form since the Dodgers deleted it a short time later. What they were going for was a joke about how a hockey game has never been played in such beautiful weather before. What was received by fans was a perceived insult towards hockey from the hosts of the heavily hyped and historic Stadium Series battle.

Poor wording? Absolutely. But the upside (or downside) is we get so to see just how little it takes to rub people the wrong way.

Woah! Relax, folks. It's not that big a deal. And besides that, you have to learn that sometimes the intentions are good despite the end results being, well, not so good. It happens.

A little after the Dodgers tweet hit (and quickly left) timelines, the MLB Twitter account swooped in for a save attempt.

But it was too late. The Kings had already caught wind. They were more forgiving than the fans, of course, but they probably won't forget.

Today’s lesson: Crossing over sports is only a good idea when Vin Scully is heavily involved.

BLS H/N: Eye on Hockey

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