The Dodgers do not like violin playing during BP

Considering they went out and won a 6-5 game against the previously streaking Reds, perhaps the Dodgers will reconsider their apparent distaste for Miri Ben-Ari and her hip-hop violin music during batting practice.

From the LA Times' Blue Notes:

The Dodgers don't like (the violin music), at least if today's happenings are any indication. As they were taking their hacks, the Blue were serenaded, or should I say irritated, by the sound check provided for famous (for a violin player) and attractive (for anyone) violin player Miri Ben-Ari. Personally, I enjoyed the preview, but judging by some of the grumbling on the field, apparently the Blue would prefer to swing without accompaniment. At one with their thoughts, if you will.

I sort of know where the Dodgers were coming from. There's an elementary-school aged girl living across the street from me and when she comes home from school and practices screeches out 'Hot Cross Buns' on that infernal (in the hands of a 10-year-old) instrument, productivity at the Stew tends to drop.

Then again, the Dodgers are dealing with Miri Ben-Ari and not an overly-coddled child from a Chicago Montessori school. I'm not a big violin guy, but I dig about everything she does.

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