Dodgers manager Don Mattingly gets contract extension — not that his son knows for sure

David Brown
Big League Stew

The Los Angeles Dodgers did the right thing Tuesday by tearing up his current agreement and giving manager Don Mattingly a new contract through the 2016 season. Now, if only Mattingly would do the right thing and call his son back. Allegedly.

Preston Mattingly used to play in the Dodgers system but is doing a Chris Weinke — sort of — by playing NCAA basketball at Lamar at 26 years old. Between his new venture in college and ... whatever else might be happening between himself and dad Mattingly, they haven't talked recently. Maybe young Mattingly hasn't tried all that hard, and maybe old Mattingly's like, "A father shouldn't have to call his son!"

Regardless — work it out, fellas. Time on Earth is short.

As for the Dodgers, this move will wipe away any future speculation about Mattingly's job security. Questions came up from time to time in 2013 about whether the Dodgers were all that interested in keeping Mattingly on board. Even as they ran off 42 victories in 50 games and ran away with the NL West title, uncertainty regarding the Dodgers front office having doubts about Mattingly persisted.

Mattingly, for his part, played off those perceptions in October by saying he wasn't sure if he'd be back. And this from a guy who received support for NL Manager of the Year. Call it real, call it a negotiating ploy — he's returning, and everyone's on the same page.

Except Old Man Mattingly and his kid.

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