Dodgers infielder Justin Sellers arrested after doing motorcycle ‘wheelies,’ fleeing police

David Brown
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Eleven years ago this March, San Francisco Giants slugger Jeff Kent made news by breaking a bone in his wrist while "washing his pick-up truck." Only, that was his cover story. He actually broke his wrist by falling off his motorcycle after he was popping wheelies on it. Witnesses had seen Kent, came forward and blew their whistles. His truck story wouldn't wash anymore.

It's never the crime, but instead the cover-up, that gets you. That's how it used to be, anyway.


On Saturday night, Dodgers infielder Justin Sellers was arrested in West Sacramento, Calif. — which sounds bad enough by itself. But check out what he was up to, via

Police said Sellers was doing "wheelies" on his motorcycle in a neighborhood near Riva Drive. When officers tried to pull him over, police said Sellers took off.

After a short chase, Sellers turned himself in, authorities said.

West Sacramento police said they have had repeated reports of a motorcyclist driving recklessly in the same neighborhood for the past month.

[Also: Stan Musial, beloved by baseball, revered in St. Louis]

Police are implying that Sellers is a serial wheelie-ist! The spirit of Jeff Kent compels him! Seriously, what is it about future/current/former Dodgers infielders (who wear No. 12) and their compulsion to do motorcycle wheelies until something bad happens?

Is this alleged farce going to cost the 26-year-old Sellers his roster spot in L.A.? The bloggists at Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness wonder if Sellers wasn't already on shaky ground. He's a career .204 hitter in limited duty the past two seasons. Heck, he's lucky police also didn't charge him with impersonating a major league shortstop.

Perhaps he should take the hint and try to make his future on a motorcycle. In races, though.

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