Dodger Stadium introduces frozen beer foam machine

Good news for baseball fans who dream of enjoying a cold, refreshing beer on a warm summer day or night at the ballpark.

Well, I should say, good news for those fans in Los Angeles, because Dodger Stadium has installed new frozen beer foam machines, which according to Food Beast creates a foamy lid for those expensive cups of beer that keep it cold for up to 30 minutes.

If that doesn't sound good enough, here's a video that makes it look good. Very good.

So far the frozen beer foam machine is actually drawing mixed reviews. On the plus, according to Food Beast, the machine does live up to the hype of keeping the beverage cold for the full 30 minutes. They learned as much after doing a recent test run at Dodger Stadium.

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We put the frozen foam to the test and it did in fact keep our beers pretty cold for a few innings and the full thirty minutes. We didn’t test the foam under multiple scenarios, but it seemed to work pretty well in the late afternoon/early evening on a sunny, yet humid, 80+ degree day in Los Angeles. Our 16 oz. beers retailed at the inflated you’re-stuck-at-a-sports-game price of $10, but may vary at other locations.

However, as Deadspin points out, the folks at Zagat did a test of their own at another location in Los Angeles where the machine is installed and came away feeling like the foam was a hindrance.

The foam is a lot stiffer than you'd expect, and the best way to get around it, we found, was to poke a hole in it, even if we still got foam on our nose. We thought the consistency would be more like a Frozen Coca-Cola, but then that would just be a beer slushie ( slushie). Once the foam started to melt — and it does, very slowly — it moved a bit allowing the beer to flow freely. We just hope it's all beer; according to reps, it is, just whipped in a "frozen agitator" machine. It did keep that beer pretty darn cold, though.

At the end of the day, I guess it's all about preference and patience. If you want to guarantee your beer stays cold and are willing to wait a couple minutes to jump in, the new machine will be a game-changing experience. If you need a sip off the top right away, then keeping it cold for a longer time likely isn't as important to you and the machine will have little to no impact on your life.

Since there are plenty of people who fall on each side of that fence, the machine is sure to have a positive impact overall, and it's probably only a matter of time before we see it popping up in other stadiums across the league.

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