Disturbingly clear fight video among fans at Yankees-Marlins

(NOT SAFE FOR WORK.) They were giving away free testosterone at Land Shark Stadium in Miami on Sunday, so some Marlins fans and Yankees fans celebrated Fathers Day by brawling at a ballgame with at least one of their own kids sitting right there. I saw this on Deadspin first, but why should the Stew be spared? It's Americana.

Really ugly Americana. The 11-year-old crying to her father, "Daddy, you're hurt!" is particularly chilling.

Let's also consider the millions fighting for a democracy halfway 'round the world right now while we use our liberties to exchange profanities and punches at a baseball game. And blog about it.

What is wrong with our species? These two jamokes pick a fight at a baseball game. Another jamoke filmed it (and rather well). I am a jamoke for shamefully promoting it. You are a jamoke watching it. I'd ask for a group jamoke hug, but I feel dirty.

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