Dillon Gee tweets photo of Asiana flight 214 wreckage from Mets team plane

David Brown
Big League Stew

The New York Mets team charter landed one runway over Sunday night from the wreckage of a crashed 777 airplane, what's left of Asiana flight 214. Mets right-hander Dillon Gee took note and sent a tweet with a photo of the surreal scene at San Francisco International Airport:

Air remains the safest form of travel but it has to be somewhat disconcerting to approach a runway and notice a wrecked airplane a few hundred feet from where you're supposed to touch down. Then again, it also means the odds are even more in your favor.

As Mets beat writer Adam Rubin reported, other team personnel reacted in awe upon the team landing in San Francisco for a series against the Giants. Media relations man Jay Horwitz called it "scary" and rookie right-hander Zack Wheeler said it was "Unreal!!!"

Gee, Horwitz and Wheeler probably do the scene justice.

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