How did the Pirates end up with a Cubs batting weight in San Francisco?

For those who watched Saturday night's Pirates-Giants game from in San Francisco, you probably spotted the same thing and asked yourself the same question. How did a batting weight — or donut, if you will — bearing the Cubs logo end up in the Pittsburgh Pirates on deck circle at AT&T Park?

The oddity was first spotted by the San Francisco broadcast when Neil Walker was shown taking some practice cuts in the seventh inning. Was the Cubs batting weight there the entire game? Is the reason Pittsburgh actually lost a baseball? These are the pressing questions we must answer before we can move on with our Sunday.

OK, so maybe it's not that serious, but it is still strange.

My first thought was maybe the Giants forgot to swap logos after the Cubs left town recently or that the Cubs accidentally left it behind. But it turns out they haven't been in San Francisco since July 28 — a full month. They surely would have realized it and switched it by now.

Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow speculates that someone in the Pirates clubhouse is a thief, indicating it may have been stolen during Pittsburgh's most recent trip to Chicago. I have to dismiss that as well, because Pittsburgh hasn't been in Chicago since July 7. If that were the case, and they were using it for say, superstitious purposes, I'm sure we would have spotted it by now.

I think our best bet is that someone on the Pirates — or maybe even a Giants employee — is a prankster and decided to slap the logo on there. If it's from within the Pirates clubhouse, the first suspect should probably be A.J. Burnett. After all, he's the pitcher who's had two rosin bags explode on him this season, and both of those came against the Chicago Cubs. There might be some sort of an odd connection going on there. I don't think I'll be able to get to the bottom of it right now, but maybe before the season's over we'll have some answers.

In the meantime, Pittsburgh is only six wins away from their first winning season since 1992. Whatever they're doing in that clubhouse to stay loose is clearly working.

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