Diamondbacks starting new celebration fad with bubble gum showers?

You think the Arizona Diamondbacks are having any fun this season?

At 41-33 with a three-game cushion in the National League West, life couldn't be any better in snakeland. It's so good, in fact, that the team seems to be putting their own stamp on a brand new way to celebrate their dramatic victories. For an example, just check out the treatment they gave Saturday night’s hero, Jason Kubel, after he delivered the game-winning two-run single in their 4-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

Shaving cream pie in the face? Not original enough.

Gatorade bath? Who isn't doing that these days?

Bubble gum showers? Now we’re talking.

And if you can get the bucket to stick on the player's head as he's about to start an interview on Fox, even better. That might even be the ultimate goal. Who knows.

I'm not exactly sure when or where the bubble gum shower originated, but it can at least be traced back to their victory over the Giants on June 7. The victim that day: Paul Goldschmidt.

You know, I think the D-Backs are on to something here.

First of all, the attack is much easier to disguise when you don't have to carry around a big old heavy bucket of liquid. The bubble gum bucket can be easily hid behind a player's back and even shielded by another if necessary.

The other big advantage in my opinion: It's an easy clean up.

You don't have to wash that out of your hair, scoop it out of your ears or take your suit to dry cleaners after a bubble gum shower. It also gives the bubble gum a purpose aside from popping up in the outfield and getting smacked around in the batter's box.

I'm all for this new type of celebration, and I hope it sticks.

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