Derek Jeter presented with cowboy hat, boots and golf clubs during ceremony in Houston

Derek Jeter’s farewell tour officially began — and nearly detoured — Tuesday night in Houston when right-hander Scott Feldman plunked him on the right hand with the season’s second pitch.

Not exactly a warm gesture, but certainly not intentional, either.

On Wednesday, the Astros were much more accommodating, honoring Jeter with a pre-game ceremony that included appearances from former teammates Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens, along with the first of several anticipated gift presentations as he visits each stadium for the final time.

The Astros kept it simple and classy, giving Jeter a pair of cowboy boots with No. 2 engraved on them, a Stetson cowboy hat, and a set of golf clubs.

Jeter's farewell tour already has a much different feel from that of Mariano Rivera's last season, which is to be expected given their different job descriptions. While Rivera had time to collect his thoughts and truly soak in the moment as a closer, Jeter has a game to prepare for and a routine to uphold that doesn't include standing around and smiling for photos.

That includes the gift presentation, a special video package and a photo op with Pettitte, Clemens and others. Jeter did not speak to the crowd at Minute Maid Park.

Here's more from USA Today's Bob Nightengale:

It's exactly the way Jeter wants it, Yankee manager Joe Girardi and Jeter's teammates say, knowing that he can't take as much time as Mariano Rivera's celebrations last year, since he's a position player and not a closer.

"It was different for Mo,'' Girardi said. "He could go inside for five innings [after the ceremony. Derek has go to out and play. As a player, you don't like to have your routine altered.

"If it's a problem, he'll have to make an adjustment.''

Girardi also added:

"It'll be really interesting to see how they'll be different,'' Girardi said of the celebrations between Jeter and Rivera. "I'm sure [Jeter] he won't get a chair of broken bats.''

Probably not, but it might be pretty difficult coming up with unique gifts for a guy who has just about everything.

The Astros didn't set the bar particularly high in terms of creativity, but at least those items be easier to travel with than a chair or a giant sand sculpture.

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