Derek Jeter finally admits stealing part of old Yankee Stadium

Now it can be told. Four months after actually doing the deed, Derek Jeter is finally admitting that he was able to make a clean getaway with the piece of old Yankee Stadium that he cherished the most.

His target, as reported by Harvey Araton of the New York Times? That would be the "I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee" sign that hung in the clubhouse tunnel. For years, the Joe DiMaggio quote reminded each pinstriped one of their good fortune on a daily basis — cranky fans, pesky media and dictatorial owner aside, of course.

Now it'll provide this generation's Greatest Yankee constant inspiration, though Jeter isn't saying where the sign is currently located. Perhaps his current hesitancy or secrecy back in September had something to do with not wanting to be hauled away with 18 other souvenir hunters?

Indeed, the dismantling of Yankee Stadium is going to be followed by a mega-memorabilia sale and there's no doubt that the Yankee Clipper's sign would have fetched a pretty penny.

But let's be serious — who's going to be the one to ask Jeter to return it? Looks like the Yankees will just have to live off sales of the sign's $9.99 replicas.

UPDATE: For those of you not catching on here, the Yankees are fine with No. 2 taking home a memento or two as Jeter is the obvious choice to carry on DiMaggio's quote. We've just been having a bit of fun with the "Jeter as thief" motif. So chill, will ya?

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