Derek Jeter: The next 'Boss' Steinbrenner?

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Derek Jeter recently conducted an interview with Jack Curry of YES and, while Jeter is a much better ballplayer than he's been a responder of questions through the years, Curry does manage to pry a few nuggets loose from the New York Yankees captain. Most notably, Jeter would like to own a Major League Baseball franchise someday after he's done playing at the end of the 2014 season. Even better, he'd run it just like George Steinbrenner used to run the Yankees.

"I learned a lot from our late owner in how to run an organization," Jeter said. "I know I still have a lot to learn, but I'd like an opportunity do that."

Curry said that longtime Yankees exec Gene Michael said Jeter liked things organized and is very demanding, and could put a group together and becoming 'the next Boss."

"I would like to and I take that as a comliment from 'Stick.' In my opinion, he was the best owner in all of sports."

Steinbrenner turned around the Yankees franchise in the 1970s, but he had undone a lot of his good works in the next decade, and the Yankees didn't win squat as a result. By the time Jeter came up to the majors, Steinbrenner had learned some lessons about meddling and letting his baseball people run the show. If that's what Jeter means, he's going to be a great owner, because few franchises in history have done as well as the Yankees in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

And he knew how to poke fun at himself:

One lesson from King George on what not to do? Don't hire a private detective to help smear your star player.

Jeter has earned at least $250 million playing baseball, and he might have a little bit stashed away from his cologne line and other sidelines. Of course, the first rule of business is to use someone else's money to invest if possible, and Jeter probably is capable of talking some investors into joining his MLB ownership cartel. It worked for Magic Johnson and the Dodgers. 

What if Jeter buys the Yankees someday when the Steinbrenners tire of having fun? One thing will have to change if it happens: Jeter must be promoted from Captain to Admiral.

The entire video is worth watching, but the ownership stuff starts at the 2:15 mark.

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