Derek Holland gets himself ejected — from Counting Crows concert

David Brown
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Taking advantage of a night off Monday, Texas Rangers left-hander Derek Holland expressed excitement in anticipation of a concert he was to attend in Red Bank, N.J.

"... lol concert ... Should be a good time." Fateful words.

UPDATE: Holland has since deleted the subsequent tweets. But his comments have been preserved anyway. You can't run from Twitter rants, Dutch. The NSA is watching. So then, one tweet and about five hours later:

Did u know that u can get kicked out of a concert for 1 standing up and enjoying the concert an 2 taking to many pictures.Thanks New Jersey

— Derek Holland (@Dutch_Oven45)

Sha la, la, la, la, la, la. Oh. Uh, huh.

More like "Uh, uh." Not at the Count Basie Theater, you don't. Holland's Twitter rage burned on, sort of:

Please remember to never have fun in New Jersey because it's not acceptable in their eyes!!! Stay classy New Jersey#fistpumps for what?

— Derek Holland (@Dutch_Oven45)

Was he even there long enough to hear lead singer Adam Durtiz talk about Mr. Jones striking up a conversation with a black-haired flamenco dancer?

Note to self if there is ever concert in Newark New Jersey don't ever go because it is frowned apon to have fun at the concert ha thanks NJ

— Derek Holland (@Dutch_Oven45)

Holland was so crestfallen and flabbergasted (and/or whatever) that he didn't even realize the concert wasn't in Newark.

New Jersey has a lot of fun at concerts.......on a good note counting crows was a awesome thanks for a great show

— Derek Holland (@Dutch_Oven45)

We all want something beautiful, but you have to stay up very, very, very, very late to get it. And it appears Holland got kicked out too soon. If he didn't get a chance to hear it, here's my favorite Counting Crows tune. Here's to you, Derek — one of the cooler guys in MLB — and here's to the '90s. You all deserved a little more.

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