Derek Holland drives dune buggy straight out of Tupac’s Compton apocalypse

David Brown
Big League Stew

And you thought Roy Halladay drove a sweet ride to work.

Left-handed weather man Derek Holland of the Texas Rangers blows the bullpen doors off Doc's hot rod with this dune buggy that appears to have been driven directly off the set of Tupac Shakur's epic "California Love" video.

T.R. Sullivan of snapped the main photo above of an automobile called a Ranger (naturally) RZR S. It's good for driving in the ruggedly arid terrain of the White Tank Mountains near Rangers camp in Surprise, Ariz. — which Holland frequently does. But to work? Holland says the car is "perfectly legal" to drive on the street because "it has license plates." If you say so, Dutch.

Writes Sullivan:

It's a two-seater, so Holland can take a teammate with him. Pitcher Cody Eppley rode along to camp on Tuesday and has been up in the mountains with him. But Eppley made it clear that riding with Holland is perfectly safe.

"We're not stupid," Eppley said. "It's just nice to get out and see the mountains and the White Tanks and get away from everything."

This vehicle really would be handy in case of the apocalypse, which Tupac predicted in the dystopian-themed video for his biggest hit:

Now let me welcome everybody to the wild, wild west. It appears the forecast for tomorrow is sandy, with a chance of Dr. Dre eye patch. Considering the song is Tupac's love letter to his home state, isn't Holland's buggy better off being used by the Los Angeles Angels? Does Erick Aybar drive something with a roll bar?

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