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If the $6 World Series ticket we told you about earlier Tuesday morning sounded too good to be true, well, good baloney detection on your part. It's a fraud, StubHub! says in email to Big League Stew:

In regards to the $6 World Series ticket, the seller was fraudulent, and we have cancelled the transaction and refunded the buyer's money.



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So, if you happen to read the rest of the original post that follows, keep all of that in mind. And be careful out there buying actual World Series tickets on the secondary market. The next one might be for $600 or $6,000 and if it is, it might be harder to get your money back.

Original post:

The Boston Business Journal is reporting, among other eye-popping, wallet-saddening numbers, that $1,704 is the average ticket price for a World Series game at Fenway Park, if one were to buy their ticket on the secondary market — like off StubHub or eBay or from a scalper.

Using that math, one fan just saved himself $1,698 by scoring what appears to be an amazing deal on StubHub. Erik Jabs found a ticket for Wednesday night's Game 1 at Fenway for sale for $3 and clicked his mouse as quickly as he could. Adding a $1 service fee and a $2 delivery charge (that's how they get ya) his total cost bumped up to $6.

Jabs sent proof to Deadspin:

Six bucks!? What is this, 1967? The Cardinals and the Red Sox met that year in the Series and tickets were actually a little bit more expensive. They were $8 at face value.

Jabs is definitely of this era, though. He's a "ballhawk" who has caught more than 1,500 balls at MLB games, but this is his biggest snag yet, so long as he doesn't show up at Fenway Park and find out that the $6 ticket was a goof. He wrote about it on his own blog, Counting Baseballs:

I’ve been monitoring prices for World Series tickets over the past few days, looking at which games I may possibly want to attend. I was shocked to see that there was a ticket listed for $6 for Game 1 of the World Series when I checked yesterday evening. Within seconds, I purchased it and received the ticket via email from stubhub, which I printed out.

We presume that Jabs simply lucked into a ticket whose seller made a serious typo on the price. The cheapest ticket you could buy for Game 1 on StubHub as of Tuesday morning was a bleacher seat for $365.

That's right in line what the Boston Business Journal says is the cheapest ticket price for Game 1, $359. Its report says rabid Red Sox fans will pay as much as $1,863 per ticket at a potential Game 7. Here's a game-by-game breakdown of the most expensive/cheapest tickets on the secondary market for the Fenway games.

Game One: $1,451/$359
Game Two: $1,506/$375
Game Six: $1,761/$541
Game Seven: $1,863/$608

Things are cheaper when the series moves to St. Louis' Busch Stadium for Games 3-5, but still definitely not cheap.

Game Three: $960/$283
Game Four: $959/$296
Game Five: $920/$267

Yep, $6 sounds much nicer on the wallet.

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