The Day After: Conquering CC, A-Rod again and bitter Halo fans

In the wake of the Yankees' 10-1 victory over the Angels on Tuesday night, we take a look at what the bloggers and bards are writing.

Ian O'Connor, The Record: "As a hired $161 million gun, CC Sabathia(notes) is supposed to honor the endless parade of zeros in his paycheck. It's his job, and he's proud to have it. But Tuesday night, with another Yankee season approaching the brink in Angel Stadium, Sabathia didn't just provide Joe Girardi a masterful performance and a 3-1 ALCS lead. The man on short rest rescued the manager on no rest."

Emma Span, Bronx Banter Blog: "Sabathia started out strong, and got stronger. He went eight innings on only 101 pitches, allowed one run, struck out five and walked two. He was still touching 96 mph on FOX's radar gun when Girardi pulled him and and, with a then-six-run lead, let Chad Gaudin(notes) (the bullpen's Lonely Man) finish the game. It's really impossible to overstate just how terrific Sabathia has been this October, and how valuable; the Yankees piled on the hits today, but even if their woes with runners in scoring position had continued, it might not have mattered.

John Harper, New York Daily News: "(A-Rod) tied Gehrig and Ryan Howard(notes) Tuesday night as the only other player in baseball history to drive in a run in eight straight postseason games — seven in these playoffs. And with his fifth home run this postseason, he matched Reggie Jackson's best longball total in a single October. It's safe to say he's earned his pinstripes from even the most cynical of Yankee fans who have said they could never embrace him."

Jeff, Lookout Landing: "If you're like me, or anybody else who enjoys both baseball and the Internet, you're already sick of reading about how Alex Rodriguez(notes) has been so good in the playoffs, and how he's been making all those countless critics and naysayers eat their words with his performance. A million people make a million tired jokes after every hit, and with each passing game there are dozens of variations on the same old tune about how he was supposed to be a choker. This has gone from being a delightful storyline to a banal and predictable one seemingly overnight."

Bill Dwyre, Los Angeles Times: "It looks like the Freeway Series is now a Freeway Pipe Dream. That is, unless you are talking about the interstate between New York and Philadelphia. Monday night, in Game 4 of their best-of-seven National League Championship Series, the Dodgers went dramatically. Tuesday night, in Game 4 of their best-of-seven American League Championship Series, the Angels just went. Comebacks from 3-1 are not impossible, just highly improbable. That's especially true if the third loss is devastating, as it was in the Dodgers' collapse in the ninth. Or if it is wimpy, as it was in the Angels' five-hit, five-men-left-on-base, 10-1 submission to CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees."

Rev Halofan, Halos Heaven: "So two Yankees are tagged not standing on a base, what happens? One is called safe. This is just one of many instances this postseason where the most ratings-friendly team in baseball located in a favorable media market is being gifted more opportunities to score and to wear down the opposing pitcher. Numerous calls that should have gone the Angels' way and a strike zone the ignored the knees and letters to an Angels starter, Scott Kazmir(notes), who lives on the outer limits of the plate can only add to the frustration as anyone with an historical appreciation of the game can practically smell a media-industrial complex version of Arnold Rothstein collaborating to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Chicago Black Sox in corrupt style."

Rob, 6-4-2: "So the bloated zombie corpse of Yankee fandom drunkenly yowled at the long tables tonight, the prospect of more victories in the offing. I have little doubt but that they'll get them. The most overfed, indulged, and spoiled fan base in the country stands one win away from a chance for a 27th title. Consequently, going to the park next year during the Yankees serieses will be even less pleasant than usual, the bandwagon jackasses multiplied by some proximity to their team's latest win. Bitter? Yes."

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