The day in baseball mash-ups: Robin Thicke meets the Braves and ‘The Breakfast Club’ meets the Pirates

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Comedian Aaron Chewning and singer/rapper Miles Austin (not the NFL dude) have given the Internet an Atlanta Braves version of Robin Thicke's hit single "Blurred Lines." They've flipped it into "Baselines" and even managed to score a cameo from ex-Braves catcher Javy Lopez.

Not only is the "Baselines" crew tackling the biggest song of the summer, but they're calling the Braves' shot too. The song says the "underrated" Braves will go on a postseason run like 1995 when they won the World Series.

As far as baseball parodies of hit songs go, this is a pretty good one — not disturbing the original too much while hitting the falsettos, referencing Freddie Freeman's love for hugging and even calling out the other NL East teams. The quality is good enough to eclipse the Internet and be an IRL Braves anthem, which is surely what the creators are hoping for.

This "Breakfast Club"/Pittsburgh Pirates mash-up had a quick turnaround. It includes the exciting play at the plate that sealed the Pirates' 2-1 victory on Monday night, chopped up around dialog from the John Hughes classic.

It's re-titled "The October Club," and that's a club the Pirates can finally say they belong in again. It's from Benson of, the same Pirates fan who made the Pirates/"Breaking Bad" parody.

We have to wonder, American League fans, where are the wacky videos?

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