David Wright photobombed the Uptons’ Sports Illustrated cover shoot

The New York Mets are only mentioned in the footnotes of Sports Illustrated’s postseason preview. An issue, by the way, that created quite a stir when its cover was unveiled as featuring Atlanta Braves outfielders Justin Upton and B.J. Upton, along with swimsuit model Kate Upton. But that didn’t stop All-Star third baseman David Wright from trying to sneak into the picture — literally — during their recent cover shoot at Turner Field.

Yes, that’s Wright pulling off the hilarious photobomb, complete with a silly face that confirms his evil intentions. We know he's a long-time friend of the Upton brothers, so there's no way he was going to let the opportunity to spoil their moment pass him by.

And we're glad he didn't.

But here's something else to consider. When Big League Stew’s David Brown gave us the lowdown on the cover on Wednesday, he noted which of the Uptons was most likely to suffer from the dreaded S.I. jinx. Though a different photo was ultimately used for the cover, and though Wright most definitely would have been photoshopped out had they selected the photo he bombed, would that put him at risk of the jinx, too? It was a cover shoot, after all, and his face will show up in the images.

We'll have to get an official ruling on that later. But if so, that would be the most New York Mets thing possible. Jinxed in a postseason which they were eliminated from in February.

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