David Price mistakenly thought the trade deadline happened already

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He could have been joking — and kudos, if so — but it appeared Wednesday afternoon as if left-hander David Price thought the trade deadline had come and gone already. Price's name has been featured prominently in rumors for months, though the Tampa Bay Rays might be inclined to keep him for the pennant race and deal him in the offseason, instead of by 4 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Regardless, the topic has been constant and, perhaps, Price is looking forward to not having to answer questions about it. So, after the Rays fell 5-0 to the Brewers at Tropicana Field with Price pitching, someone asked:

Reporter: "Considering the trade deadline, do you have plans tomorrow to do something fun, to get away from it?"

Price: "No, I didn’t; I thought it ended today at 4. So… oh, is it [tomorrow]? All right. Well, that’s fine. Um… No. I’m playing golf. And I put my phone in my bag when I play, so… I won’t even know, honestly."

Price is doing the best deadpan ever if he's pulling our leg. If not, it's understandable, given the hectic schedules of major leaguers, that he would lose track of time. Or maybe gotten some bad advice from a teammate trying to be funny.

No worries, man. But it does mean another 24 hours (less now) of rumors, along with friends and acquaintances trying to provide comfort regarding those rumors. People such as Rays fan Dick Vitale:

I think Mr. Vitale is mistaken!

Golly! Don't know where I got the idea it was Wednesday. Schooled me there, Dickie V!

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