David Price tells fantasy baseball player to keep Yu Darvish instead of David Price

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Price and Yu fantasy


David Price is no dummy. He went to Vanderbilt — the Harvard of the Tennessee Valley. He's been in the majors since 2008. He's advised by the best dog in baseball — Astro. So when a fantasy baseball player approached him on Twitter for important advice — "You or Yu?" — Price spat the truth:

Darvish actually strikeouts out fewer than "498" a season. But it's still a lot. 

What a tough call, though. That guy's team has Darvish and Price and can only keep one? Harsh! Even if Price turns out to be wrong and he has a better season than Darvish, you're not going to get better fantasy baseball advice in spring training than that for your Yahoo league. Listen to Price. Don't go with him. Go with Yu.

 Big BLS H/N: CBS Eye on Baseball

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