David Price live tweets $202 taxi ride from San Francisco hotel to O.co Coliseum

The Tampa Bay Rays did not enjoy their Bay Area experience on Friday. In particular, reigning and defending American League Cy Young Award winner David Price who had a miserable day, and his loss in Tampa Bay’s 4-3 defeat at the hands of the A’s was the least of it.

The whole ordeal began in the afternoon when the Rays travel plans had to take a detour due to the closure of the Bay Bridge, which to their dismay will not be reopened until next week. That meant a near two-hour bus ride from the team’s hotel in San Francisco to O.co Coliseum for their pregame preparations. Of course several of the wiser players ended up taking the BART train and ended up making good time, but Price elected to take a taxi, and that decision ended up being pretty costly.

Fortunately for us, though, Price took us along for the ride through his Twitter account, and we ended up getting our money’s worth in entertainment.

Turns out that estimate was just a little bit off. And not in the direction Price was hoping.

Price finally hits the home stretch.

Which means it's time for everyone to have a little fun at his expense, starting with teammate Will Rhymes.

And extending to beat writers.

Finally Price arrives to the ballpark... and exits the cab with a much lighter wallet.

What's the plan for Saturday?

Not a half bad idea, though I'm sure it would cost more than the $202 splurged for the taxi.

Maybe just take the BART on Saturday? That's what Joe Maddon intends to do.

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