David Price to give away 100 free tickets to Rays season opener

If you’re in the Tampa area and you’re interested in checking out the Rays season opener against Jason Hammel and the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday, you might want to pay close attention.

David Price, who will begin his defense of the American League Cy Young award that afternoon, announced on Twitter Wednesday morning that he's currently in possession of 100 tickets to that game at Tropicana Field and will be giving them away for free once he arrives back in Tampa.

Price has yet to reveal the exact details of when and where the tickets will be given away, but intends to spread it out over the weekend beginning on Friday and ending on Sunday. He adds the tickets will have no resale value and also notes that wearing Rays gear in public will help your chances immensely.

And then he returned to teasing fans with another shot of the ticket stack.

Another week, another cool David Price story.

If there's a more fan-friendly professional athlete I'm not sure who it would be. And that's not to say they don't exist or no one approaches Price's level. Obviously there are a lot of good guys and ladies out there who give back in many different ways. But Price really seems to grasp the importance of connecting and interacting with fans completely and embraces it with a genuine enthusiasm.

It's not a chore for him, which is impressive for a player of his caliber who's seemingly always in demand. He deserves to be applauded for his effort and his attitude.

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