David Ortiz sues jeweler after buying $127,000 of 'imitation' merchandise

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Ortiz's championship rings, as far as anyone knows, are real. (Getty)
Ortiz's championship rings, as far as anyone knows, are real. (Getty)

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz ran the jewels — and some of them he bought turned out to be phony.

Big Papi is suing a California-based jeweler in a dispute regarding what Ortiz claims is $127,000 in "fake or low-quality diamond and gold jewelry" he purchased assuming all of it was the real deal. Ortiz, one of the top fashion plates in all of Major League Baseball, claims he has been taken in something of a double-switch.

The Boston Globe has the details:

No, David, these are real. (Getty)
No, David, these are real. (Getty)


Ortiz, who like many prominent athletes wears expensive jewelry and accessories, is accusing Randy Hamida of Anaheim, Calif., as well as Randy’s Mens Wear, Ltd. Inc., of fraud, breach of contract, and other violations stemming from a 2010 purchase. The man known as Big Papi thought he had bought a Breitling watch with diamonds and white and yellow gold, a diamond bracelet, and a set of black diamond earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, according to a civil suit filed in Middlesex (Mass.) Superior Court on Thursday.

But when Ortiz had the jewelry appraised, he found it was “imitation or low-quality metal and gemstones,” the suit alleges.

“David doesn’t buy jewelry, or buy anything, from just anybody. And he trusted Mr. Hamida,” said Jonathan M. Davidoff, Ortiz’s lawyer. “This was a last resort for David. David didn’t want to sue. But also, David doesn’t want to be taken advantage of. And professional athletes are targets, unfortunately.”

The suit says that Hamida presents himself as a luxury jewelry dealer who targets professional athletes, and “travels nationwide to Major League Baseball cities to stalk players at their hotels in an attempt to peddle his jewelry.”

"David doesn't buy jewelry — or buy anything — from just anybody" is one of the late contenders for quote of the year. (And, apparently it's not true, because Ortiz appears to have bought fake jewels from someone he alleges practices unscrupulous business practices.)

Ortiz, as he usually does, comes off all nonchalant about the suit, saying, "It's going to get taken care of; I'm not worried." Because he's got lawyers and he's made $127 million playing baseball, and $127,000 is a relative drop in the bucket. Still, nobody likes to get taken. And a big part of Ortiz's image is his fashion-conscious nature. The glamorous baubles, the trimmed beard, the velvet suit coats, the spiky shoes.

Ortiz's spiky shoes. (Big League Stew)
Ortiz's spiky shoes. (Big League Stew)


Big Papi unknowingly wearing fake stuff hurts his reputation as a savvy fashionista, it also makes the entire "Big Papi" persona a little smaller. And that's not cool.

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