David Ortiz predicts ball four, starts walking to first before pitch is thrown

There are two rational explanations for David Ortiz, on a 3-0 count, leaving the batter's box and starting to walk to first base before pitcher Neil Ramirez even threw the ball. It happened Tuesday night in the Boston Red Sox-Chicago Cubs game, which the Cubs eventually won 2-1.

1. Ortiz is just that confident, y'all. And that's not a surprise. Look at him, his swagger and his belief that he often knows better than officials of the game. Right, scorekeepers?

2. Big Papi knows the future. Maybe his life timeline is a few seconds ahead of the rest of us and he knows what pitchers are going to do before they do it, thus his knack for late-inning, dramatic home runs. And maybe, he just let his secret slip here. (We got you now, Ortiz!)

We'd like to believe No. 2, just for the science-fiction fun. In a week where we've already seen hackers leak one team's internal documents, this would feel like something out of a J.J. Abrams TV show.

We suppose there's a third theory in play too, now that we've thought some more about it. Ortiz, a man often worthy of being pitched around, knows full well when pitchers aren't going to give him anything to hit. So he recognized the signs here, in the seventh inning, in a tie game with two outs and a runner on base, and figured there was no use waiting around to watch ball four.

But, naw. That's not nearly as entertaining an explanation. We're sticking with No. 2. You heard here at The Stew, kids, David Ortiz can see the future! 

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