David Ortiz pranked with exploding golf ball at charity event

We all know David Ortiz can be a fun-loving and charitable guy with an at times explosive personality. Thankfully, Ortiz was feeling more fun-loving and charitable during his annual Children’s Fund Celebrity Golf Classic in the Dominican Republic this past December, because it was there he ended up on the receiving end of an explosive prank.

Also involved in the shenanigans were former major leaguer Ivan Rodriguez and golf trick shot artist Trevor "Macho Man" Consavage. Dig it?

As you'll see in the video, Consavage was showing both players a seemingly innocent trick shot that involved chipping a golf ball straight up in the air, grabbing a bat and smacking it down the fairway.

Naturally, Consavage nailed it on the first try. Impressively, Rodriguez was also able to pull it off with relative ease. Then came Ortiz's turn, which saw Consavage mysteriously handling the chipping portion. Ortiz probably should have suspected something was up at that point, but he went along anyway and the results were pretty hilarious.

Ortiz's attempt comes at 0:53.

Honestly, with Ortiz's violent swing, it's almost believable that he could completely obliterate a golf ball. Just ask the bullpen phone in the visitor's dugout at Camden Yards how strong he is. But indeed that was the oldest golf trick in the book: the exploding ball.

There's a reason it's the oldest trick, too — it's never not funny. And it's made even better when you can trick the host of the event and one of baseball's biggest stars.

Job well done, "Macho Man."

And a hat tip to all for raising money for a good cause.

BLS H/N: For The Win (via Golf Channel)

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