David Ortiz gives thumbs up to ‘SNL’ skit spoofing selfie with President Obama

David Ortiz was the talk of the sports world last week when he snapped the now infamous selfie with President Barack Obama during the Boston Red Sox visit to the White House. The photo caused quite a stir, because, well, it's a selfie with the President. But there was also an initial report that the whole thing was a paid promotional stunt encouraged by Samsung, who Ortiz currently has an endorsement deal with.

Both Ortiz and Samsung quickly denied that being the case and the story pretty much faded away in recent days. That was, until "Saturday Night Live" revived the whole ordeal with a spoof skit of David Ortiz during their "Weekend Update" segment.

Actor Kenan Thompson played the role of Ortiz and did a tremendous job capturing Ortiz's personality. He's boisterous. He's a little all over the place and a lot over the top. But he's one-hundred percent entertaining, exactly like Ortiz.

It even got a thumbs up from Ortiz himself, who tweeted the following endorsement on Sunday afternoon.

Among the topics covered in the just under four-minute skit:

• The selfie, of course. The segment even closes with "Ortiz" and anchor Colin Jost taking their own selfie.
• His payment from Samsung.
• How to properly pronounce Samsung.
• And his "other" promotional deals.

The only thing was missing was an appearance from Jay Pharoah as President Obama, but it was a fun and hilarious segment nonetheless.

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