David Ortiz brings fan’s baby onto the field, holds it during National Anthem

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

With this video, The Stew proposes that David Ortiz be called "Uncle Papi" — at least for the next few days.

Behold a cute moment before Thursday's Boston Red Sox game (yes, I said cute, deal with it) in which Big Papi was signing an autograph for a fan, who then asked Ortiz to pose for a picture with his baby. That's when Uncle Papi was born, at least in my mind. You see, as Ortiz was holding the child, it was time for the National Anthem performance.

So Ortiz just kept holding the baby. He took it onto the field as he and his teammates observed the anthem. And he didn't "take" the baby in that weird way a stranger at Sweet Tomatoes wants to hold your baby (it happens, trust me). It was totally innocent and non-creepy.

Consider this a good lesson about the power of babies. They can transform this guy ...

... into this guy.

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