David Huff channels Mark Buehrle with terrific glove flip to first base

In no way would I say New York Yankees reliever David Huff equaled Mark Buehrle's incredible between the legs glove flip from opening day 2010. A play that would actually hold up as one that season's defining defensive highlights. But he definitely made a similar play that was pretty impressive, and also came at a key moment for the Yankees during their 4-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday night.

With the game tied 2-2 in the eighth inning, Blue Jays catcher Josh Thole would be called upon to bunt with the go-ahead run on first base and nobody out. Thole executed perfectly, putting the ball on the ground between the pitcher's mound and first base. As a left-hander, Huff's delivery had his momentum moving toward third and couldn't cut the ball off initially, so it looked like Thole may get an infield single out of the play. Huff, though, was able to recover quickly and catch up to the ball, and one in slick motion scooped it with the glove and back hand flipped it to Lyle Overbay for the out.

Again, it wasn't as slick or athletic as Buehrle's play from three years ago, but it was a terrific effort to get a much needed out. Huff would go on to escape the inning and finish out only his second relief appearance of the season with five scoreless innings. Adam Warren received the spot start so the Yankees could give Andy Pettitte an extra day of rest. So not only did Huff potentially save the game with his defense, he definitely saved Joe Girardi's pitching staff with a long and productive outing.

His efforts were rewarded as well, because in the bottom of the inning Alfonso Soriano broke his 0 for 17 with a go-ahead two-run home run. Mariano Rivera pitched the ninth for the save — picking off Rajai Davis at second base in the process — to give Huff his first win of the season.

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