David Freese OK after crashing car into tree to avoid hitting deer

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His car got totaled and Thanksgiving plans with his parents were interrupted, but David Freese was otherwise physically unhurt after crashing an SUV into a tree in order to avoid hitting a deer Thursday.

It was a single-car accident and Freese apparently carried no passengers.

Two other details of note: One, it wasn't the car he won for winning World Series MVP for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2010. Two, police are not investigating any other contributing factors to the crash. Freese has a checkered driving record that includes an arrest for DUI in 2002 and another for DWI in December 2009. Freese had another car crash in '09 that was weather-related, totaled his car and caused an injury.

As for this crash ... is the deer OK? We're not sure. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch published other details, however:

Freese, 29, crashed his 2011 black Range Rover into a tree at Wildhorse Creek and Rieger roads in Wildwood, said St. Louis County Police Officer Randy Vaughn. The crash occurred at 2:30 p.m.

Freese's SUV was towed from the crash scene, Vaughn said.

Vaughn did not say if alcohol was a factor in the crash but said "no other investigations are underway."

Matt Sebek of Joe Sports Fan said he checked with Freese, who was on his way to Thanksgiving dinner at his parents' house. Freese said he was fine after the crash but that the car was totaled.

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KSDK-TV in St. Louis also published this photo of the SUV after the crash. Yikes. The tree usually wins such confrontations. Well, it's probably a very good thing that Freese wasn't driving the Chevy Corvette he won in '10 for being Mr. World Series. The tree might have kicked the sports car's butt even worse, and the story could have taken a darker turn.

Freese has been trying to straighten up his life and his driving record since being put on probation for three years in 2008. It's giving him benefit of the doubt, but this seems to be simple bad luck. Or just skillful deer-avoiding, if the glass is half-full.

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