David Freese gets GQ fashion makeover

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Nobody cared what David Freese looked like before he won World Series MVP for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011 — least of all, Freese himself. In the GQ magazine baseball preview (the one with Bryce Harper chewing on a baseball), Freese describes his hair as a "dry salad" — as in no product to fluff it up. The carelessness just continued on down — until GQ got hold of him for a fancy ballplayer makeover.

As you can see: Good-bye unmade bed, hello White House guest! You know, a $2,000 Yves Saint Laurent suit and a $500 pair of Tom Ford shoes also have that kind of effect on a guy.

GQ not only has the interview with Harper (who since has been sent to the minors, not unexpectedly) and Freese, but also an interview with Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno. In it, they challenge Moreno's statement that Boston's contract with Carl Crawford was "crazy." After all, the Angels coveted Crawford and signed Albert Pujols to a $254 million deal. What about it, boss man?

Arte Moreno:
A rumor was running around that Boston outbid us [on Crawford], but we never made an offer. The night we were supposed to, our GM went up to the agent's room and the agent said, "He's gone." So when you're asking me why would I make that comment? Because I don't think anybody—just as [when] A-Rod went to Texas—was in the vicinity of that offer.

We'd just signed an 18-plus-year [TV deal, reportedly for $1.5 billion], through '30, we have no debt, and we have a payroll that gives us all the flexibility to make the decisions we want to make. Still, I don't think in a perfect world we really thought Albert was going to be available. They just won a championship in St. Louis, he had been there eleven years, and you think they're gonna make a deal.

And then, he said, Moreno's wife helped sway Pujols to Anaheim. Whaddya know?

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