To the Dark Side! Don Zimmer meets Darths Maul, Vader for ‘Star Wars’ event at Tropicana Field

David Brown

Several different MLB teams put on "Star Wars" days at the ballpark, so the clubs have to get creative in order to make theirs special. The Tampa Bay Rays, for example, went and made coach Don Zimmer a real Sith Lord on Sunday. Darth Maul and Darth Vader (on the right, obviously) were on hand at Tropicana Field to personally swear in Zim as a bona fide purveyor of the Dark Side of the Force.

The photo, provided by Jonathan Gantt of the Rays, also makes Maul, Zim and Vader look like a '50s do-wop group. Boy, first Vader makes a pact with his kid Luke Scott and now this.

How this is going to affect Zimmer's relationship with ZimBear (who only does good and not evil) is to be determined. Zimmer reportedly is pleased about his new place in the galaxy, but is to have said he's "disappointed he didn't get to use the Force on Pedro Martinez that one time."

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