Daniel Robertson breaks face, ejects gum in ugly collision with Alex Rios

David Brown

At first glance, it looked like Texas Rangers outfielder Daniel Robertson had spat out a tooth in the crunch of a collision with teammate Alex Rios. It was just his gum. It also looked like — for a second — like Robertson was knocked unconscious after being hit in the face with Rios's knee. Robertson's stillness lasted for only a moment, though he lay on the field for several minutes before teammates helped him up.

Ian Kinsler was credited with a double for hitting a flare to short center, which Robertson or Rios couldn't catch, that provided the scariest moment in a 9-2 Rangers victory. It was a heavy news day in Arlington, with Kinsler back in town for the first time since the Prince Fielder trade, and with Fielder deciding to have season-ending neck surgery. And Jurickson Profar aggravated his shoulder injury by rolling over in bed. And there also was Danny Worth's knuckleball, which only hurt the pride of Rangers batters.

For his effort, Robertson sustained non-displaced fractures of his left cheekbone, along with a black eye, but can consider himself lucky because he showed no signs of a concussion. Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News writes that the Rangers will send him to an ear, nose and throat specialist before deciding how to proceed with him. Here's Robertson's take on why he and Rios had such a close encounter:

“There were so many people, it was so hard to hear. It was just bad luck. I know it looked scary and I heard the gum went pretty far."

Maybe 10 feet! And would Robertson, a 28-year-old rookie who has spent 730 games in the minors, do it the same way again? Yes. Yes, he would subject himself to another broken face.

''It's a hard play, it's a hustle play,'' Robertson said. ''If we were to do it 10 times again, I'd make the same play.''

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