Dancing Royals fan featured in spoof baseball ad on Tonight Show

Remember the dancing Royals fan whose over-sized belly hypnotized the baseball world back in September? As we learned not long after his appearance at Kauffman Stadium literally and figuratively made waves, the fan's name is Jimmy Faseler, and on Friday night's Tonight Show, host Jay Leno paid a form of tribute to him during his opening monologue.

The bit was pretty simple. Leno tossed to a spoof baseball ad that we're lead to believe pays tribute to the "larger-than-life" superstars on the field, but is instead directed at the "larger-than-life" fans. Faseler's dancing is the final image with the tagline "Please don't come back."

It was a pretty funny bit that wasn't as harsh as it probably sounds. You'll just have to watch it in the clip above.

As we also learned about Faseler, he grew up idolizing former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Farley. That alone would indicate he's a good sport about his size and probably isn't opposed to using it to entertain those around him. Big League Stew's Dave Brown confirmed as much in a recent phone interview.

And hey, it's not exactly a coveted spot on the SNL cast, but it's airtime on NBC. Maybe a Thursday night sitcom isn't too far behind.

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