Dancing ‘FanBro’ wears sunglasses at night to celebrate impending Orioles victory against Nats

David Brown

"Don't switch the blade on the guy on the guy in shades — oh, no."

Let him dance!

The best part of Baltimore Orioles' Dancing FanBro's moves were when his hands transform from fists into pistols so he can go "pew, pew!"at Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals. It was the only way for the O's to ensure victory, which they achieved 2-0 against the Nats at Camden Yards on Thursday night.

The Orioles beat the Nats in three of four meetings this week, giving the bragging (and dancing) rights to Baltimore's fans. Thomas Boswell of the Washington Posts delights in how O's-Nats is becoming an actual rivalry — not to mention a race to the World Series, and something for "geek projectionists" to fight over:

[T]he reigning kings of geekdom reside at Baseball Prospectus. ... They think the Nats have a 41 percent chance to reach the playoffs and a 3.9 percent to win the Series (down from 11 percent preseason). The Orioles currently have only a 17.9 percent playoff chances, in part because they’re in the tough AL East, a minuscule 0.7 percent chance to win the Series.


“How did that [model] work out for them the last couple of years? Not very well, right?” said Zimmerman. “That’s why nerds shouldn’t do that stuff.”

That's right, nerds. Stick to dancing!

Big BLS H/N: @recordsANDadio (via Nats Enquirer)

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