Dallas Braden’s newest tattoo features Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin under a rainbow

Big League Stew

Quick! Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin under a rainbow can currently be seen ...

A ... in the tropical home run display at the new Marlins ballpark
B ... during the reoccurring nightmares of Big League Stew's own Dave Brown
C ... as a tattoo on the left arm of Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden

If you selected "C" ... congratulations for reading the headline and looking at the photo!

Is the tattoo real? Well, the perfect game pitcher did tweet a view of his tattoo artist, a few hours before his team's official Facebook page posted a picture of the final product. And he really does have a tiny tattoo of Rollie's trademark mustache on the side of one of his fingers. (Get it?)

Unfortunately, Braden was also filming a commercial with Mr. Mustache himself on Thursday, which would suggest a pretty fun — albeit temporary — storyline. The ink is a little too shiny and the right side of the rainbow also looks like it's wearing off already.

But even if it's not as real as the 209, Fashion Ump is scoring this as a solid gapper as it reminds him of the vision that once appeared to him after eating a bad hot dog and falling off the BART platform near the Coliseum.

It's also way less scary than this effort (which is definitely very real).


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