Dallas Braden keeps story alive, sends gift basket to A-Rod

Depending on how you view the tale, it's the story that refuses to die.

Or it's the gift that keeps on giving — at least if you run a baseball blog or a tabloid newspaper in New York.

Actually, the Dallas Braden(notes)-Alex Rodriguez soap opera added another chapter on Tuesday with actual gift giving as an on-the-DL Braden took advantage of his free time to put together a care package for the New York Yankees star.

But what do you get the man who has a $300 million contract and started this entire spat by violating one of your unwritten rules last April? Well, according to the New York Daily News, Braden's peace offering at Oakland Coliseum included "a ball, T-shirt and poster from his perfect game." It's unclear if the T-shirt was of the "Get Off My Mound" variety that Braden denounced earlier this week.

The poster, however, carried a special inscription.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Dear Alex, here's the poster you requested. I think you're right, it will look great over your mantel .... I know you realize it's all in fun."

A-Rod said the special delivery was "really nice," but wouldn't comment on or confirm its contents. Silly Braden. Didn't he know that perfect-game poster would clash with the centaur theme at A-Rod's apartment? Hope he included a gift receipt.

As for A-Rod's return gift, Braden would probably also like an exchange. Rodriguez hit two homers — including a grand slam — in the Yankees' 6-1 victory on Tuesday night.

[Photos: See images of Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez]

On a more serious and heartwarming note, Yankees PR says that A-Rod signed 10 of those "Get Off My Mound" shirts and that they'll be auctioned off for charity, perhaps even with Braden's signature if he gets over the T-shirt beef and adds his own John Hancock.

So at least someone more deserving than we click-hungry scribes will benefit in a positive manner from the story that has inexplicably grown the longest legs this season.

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