Dale Sveum’s high school yearbook photo: Harry from ‘Dumb & Dumber’ meets Wooderson

David Brown

You might think Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum got lucky because he's old enough to have missed graduating high school in the late 1970s — an era universally agreed-upon as the nadir of fashion. But as you can see by the middle photo, taken from the 1982 Pinole Valley (Calif.) High School yearbook, Sveum wasn't lucky enough.

Those powder blue threads were taken straight out of the Lloyd Christmas/Harry Dunne/"Dumb & Dumber" spring tuxedo catalog. Sveum's blond mustachioed look, on the other hand? It's pure David Wooderson from "Dazed and Confused." Hey, the guy had to compensate somehow, and he was a lot cooler because he did.

Earlier this spring, Sveum bemoaned billboards the Cubs put up around the city advertising the coming season with him (and Wrigley Field) as the main attractions. Sveum said at the time:

"I'm not exactly the most fashionable guy or somebody that is going to smile or take pictures very well all the time."

I'd say the photographic evidence to the contrary is insurmountable. What the solo high school shot doesn't tell you: It appears Pinole Valley either forced or strongly suggested that all the senior guys wear that stupid white and blue tux. So it's not his fault. All right. All right? All right!

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