Dad catches foul ball, baby immediately uses it as a teething toy (Video)

These two things I know, as a parent, to be true:

1. If you do something with a toddler once, be prepared to do it 1,000 times. 

2. If you give an infant something, it's a given that it's going in his or her mouth.

No. 2 definitely applies in the scene above from Thursday's Philadelphia Phillies-Miami Marlins game, as a fan dad makes a nice catch on a foul ball in the stands, then celebrates with mom, who puts the ball in the hands of their infant. And the baby, of course, starts gnawing on the baseball.

Well, it's a more unique teether than buying Sophie the Giraffe, I'll admit that. But a game-used ball probably isn't the most hygienic baby toy.

An aside: Please view this post as a testament to the success of the Marlins (41-44) in 2014. If this had happened last year, I would have made a bunch of jokes about this kid not sucking as much as the Marlins.

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