D12: Nationals signing of Pudge Rodriguez can't spark hot stove

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1. Want news of Matt Holliday(notes) or Jason Bay(notes) at baseball's Winter Meetings? OK, but would you settle for Ivan Rodriguez(notes) signing a two-year deal for $6 milllion to play for the Nationals? Circling the Bases

2. Free-agent Chone Figgins(notes) and the Mariners are crossing the T's and dotting the lower-case j's on a contract. MLB.com

3. It would be cooler if this huge trade among the Yankees, Tigers and D-backs happened. Fox Sports

4. Don't tell anyone, but the Blue Jays are trying to trade Roy Halladay(notes). MLB.com

5. The Rays might want him, but won't give up B.J. Upton(notes) and Wade Davis(notes) for just one year of Doc's services. The Heater

6. Brad Penny(notes) is pretty much in the Cardinals rotation. STLCardinals.com

7. The Brewers would give Randy Wolf(notes) a three-year deal. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

8. Brian Bruney(notes), traded from the Yankees, wants to close for the Nationals. Washington Post

9. Carl Pavano(notes) accepts salary arbitration with the Twins. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

10. Short film about Dock Ellis' No-Hitter on LSD screening at Sundance! Indiewire

11. Day 1 of the Winter Meetings in review: Meh, you didn't miss much. AP (via Yahoo! Sports)

12. These guys have the up-to-the-second Winter Meetings updates, including all of the heartfelt arbitration acceptance speeches. MLB Trade Rumors

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